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"Be determined to master your own mind and the rest will follow", Cema Santos

Cema Santos joined on Cheeky Tunes on April 24 and talked about how individually each of us can shift our mindset - especially in the music industry - to cope with these times of isolation due to COVID 19.

During a very friendly and loving conversation with one our guests, the Perth-based singer and composer Juliana Areias. Long terms friends and also music project partners on various occasions, they both agreed on how much these times of struggles can be particularly devastating for the arts due to the necessary health measure that caused event cancellations. 

Juliana Areias is a mother of two and works as a singer for a living - she was just finishing a tour in Asia and Australia promoting her album Bossa Nova Baby before we all got hit by the crisis. And shared between songs played by Nikki and Rodric White how much everyone seem to turn to music and entertainment, when it comes to payment, everyone seems to "treat us as if we were invisible". 

Cema Santos helped lift the hopes and the moods sharing some insights on how to shift our mindset and how we look at situations to be able to go through times and circumstances that may be out of our control. She holds a Masters in Epidemiology, and has worked as a researcher for more than 15 years in various research projects including the Occupational Health in Migrant Workers in Australia. who is also a Mentoring Coach of Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program, a trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis, with vast experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy with focus on immigrant issues and chronic disease (ex Fibromyalgia, diabetes, etc); Cema Santos My Mind Masterl.

It was also through hard work that Cema over more than a decade in Australia that Cema established a positive relationships with herself and with others and in this journey - each of her step actually paved her path. This included achievements that have had significance not just for her own merit and credit, but for friends and the whole community with whom she shares all the work she is involved in as a founder of the Immigrant Business Networking Association and the Brazilian Association of WA, a Board member of Stirling Business Centre, the training officer of the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia, and Governance and Leadership mentor for CaLD people with the Office of Multicultural Interest WA and a past mentor for UWA Master’s degree health students.

Cema is one of the presenters at the HypnoBiz Global Virtual Summit 2020 that will happen in June, in NY. The event is an online conference for hypnotherapists and she will present a talk on ‘Online Therapy - Protocols and Procedures How to run a successful e-therapy practice”. "If you are a therapist looking into online practice, Cema can help with your transition from an in-person to an online practice with confidence and success.", Cema Santos. 

Cema's favourite Sweet Cheeks Wear underwear is the "Paradise feels":

 "I practice yoga and seamless underwear are the best for me."

Connect with Cema Santos at My Mind Master. 

Cheeky Tunes happens every Friday at 6:30pm (AWST) and 8:30pm (AEST) presented by Fiona Cooper, Claudia J. Rondon (founder of Sweet Cheeks Wear) and Nikki Dagostino (Little Miss Squeezebox).