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Brand ambassadors celebrate Sweet Cheeks Wear 1st Year Anniversary

We are so happy that 2020 - with all its challenging surprises overall and worldwide - has also brought some positive unexpected goodness to us and we have celebrated on 14th of February (known for some as Valentine's Day) the first year anniversary of our underwear label Sweet Cheeks Wear.

What have we learned so far? 

You can be physically distant but do not need to be emotionally distant

Sweet Cheeks Wear has now been creating a close knit community of females around the world who have shared a lot more than just content on social channels. But true friendships which have extended offline also. 

Connect to reconnect

Very often it is easy to think that staying isolated  - at times even away from all things connectivity and internet can be the best option for riding any mental bad waves. As it is well known, challenging scenarios and situations can be very strong character building opportunities. And this also applies to brands as well. During locking down in Australia (which took a regional case by case approached but went on and off from March until October in different regions of Australia with different types of alerts and restrictions), Sweet Cheeks Wear created a lifestyle / mental health/ creativity / music and well-being live streaming led by creative and independent women who connected with other people around the world. Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy hour was an incredible bonding and community building opportunity which served much more purposes than simply hitting sales targets. 

Let your brand and art truly serve

Yes, here at Sweet Cheeks Wear we are selling unpretentiously comfy and good quality cotton and elastane underwear. But more than that, we are also here to generate positive discussions between women from various walks of life. "Stay strong and sweet" - if you may have purchased with us before is the tag or one of our main messages. Knowing and understanding the importance of making certain statements - as a brand and in life in general - our main point here is not to reassure our strength as females. But in cases when we are invited to toughen up and even lose our joy de vivre and sparkle, Sweet Cheeks Wear's whole principle in its creation is to remind us all that yes it is possible to be mega strong and all the rest of it, BUT if keeping our sweet side is also meaningful to us, yes we can keep that also. Not to the detriment of our work as women throughout history and times, but for our own well-being. So far, allowing this brand voice to flow and nurture this positive visual and written dialogue with other "fellow sisters" or Cheeky Chicas, as we say at times, has been serving us all mutually as a brand and individuals who are keen to explore these themes together. 

Sweet chicas, cheeky chicas and fellow sistas, we are ambassadors of ourselves

This is another great celebratory lesson of 1 year of Sweet Cheeks Wear. Our brand has been pretty much build collectively with creative inputs and insights from everyone who felt they had something to contribute and we have taken feedback onboard, and we have welcomed content from left, right and centre. Some were more agreeable to some. Others to others. Others to none. And we have kept it like that: as a dialogue. We faced some Instagram and Facebook blocking of some of our ads - which made us question: so what is wrong? Why is this post being considered strange? It led us to reflections and more learnings including: how much society puts a stigma and over sexualizes the female body without need. If we are selling undies, customers want to see how they fit. A long winded story short, as a brand Sweet Cheeks Wear chose to allow our brand ambassadors, friends and supporters to share what they saw fit always having in mind what we wanted to communicate: not just our product, but the personality behind the actual post. We are ambassadors of ourselves in our own uniqueness as individuals. And this is what we value the most.

Would you like to become a brand ambassador also? We would love to hear from you and hear your story. Scroll down and add your email to the footer where it says "Brand Ambassador" and hit subscribe and one of us will get in touch with you in the next 72 hours. Or say hello to us on our Instagram. 

(Delicious cake and photo by Sugar Mama Cakes )