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"Confrontation without compassion is abuse", Keenan Crisp

Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour featured last week coach Keenan Crisp (in the photo with his wife) speaking about how to better manage relationships in times of isolation.

It has been on the news "home is not always a safe place"- as stated by Australia's  Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, Gabrielle Williams, during a press conference regarding COVID-19 updates on the week of the 10th of April. Early that same weeks there had been talks that the search in Google regarding domestic violence had allegedly risen.

With all of that in mind, and also wanting to ensure we are putting our mindset and energy in the right place, Cheeky Tunes crew, Claudia Rondon, Fiona Cooper and Nikki Dagostino invited Keenan Crisp - coach and former founder of one of Australia's most well known yoga schools to join our Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour Online Friday 17 April and shed some positivity and light on the matter. He talked about how to best handle relationships in times of isolation at home. 

Keenan has helped hundreds of students through a process he calls Foundations for Success which affectively helps people to overcome self esteem issues to improve their relationships, gain greater clarity, generate more energy, develop or influence, demonstrate more courage and increase their productivity

You can check out the live interview here

Music and perks

As well as Paul Millard on the saxophone sharing his years of experience as a jazz musician, we also had guests such as the journalist and entrepreneur Elizabeth Lacerda from Beauty Oz who gave our beautiful guests a special surprise for our "virtual goody bag". "Some people are unsure whether to go back to the saloon or not. Crystal Skin® MD-33, is an excellent portable microdermabrasion machine because it easy-to-use and I find it makes our skin look younger, smoother and even more beautiful. Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates dead cells, dirt and pollution from your skin, allowing new, younger and smoother skin to surface. The treatment can be done once a week, speeding up the skin renewal process

Come along to our next Cheeky Tunes, Friday 24 of April. More music, great conversations with new guest speaker and guest musician and of course, more "virtual goody bags" for those who participate via Zoom. 

Love how our presenter's skin looks so healthy? Find out Fiona Cooper's skincare routine. 

Photograph by Talent House. Featuring Keenan and Sakao Crisp.

How did Cheeky Tunes come about? 

Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour via Zoom Live Streaming on Facebook is an independent initiative from three friends with a few common objectives: supporting positive moods, performing arts and small businesses during the COVID19 Crisis - Quarantine.

Nikki Dagostino is an accordionist and pianist, known as Little Miss Squeezebox, and a dear entertainer very well-known in Perth and across the music industry in Australia. When the Quarantine was announced, much like many musicians and performers world wide, Nikki had to all her events cancelled. As a full time musician, the shock was described to her friend Claudia J. Rondon - founder of newly born brand Sweet Cheeks Wear, who still works as an integrated producer and strategist and who is a hobbyist musician. Claudia then had the idea to join efforts together in a co-creation that would not just be a really good outlet to allow the creative juices to keep flowing and in supporting music - which we all love - the initiative of this interactive live show online could then allow music to also give us the support we all need right now to stay physically distant but stay socially and emotionally connected in the right vibe. 

Nikki invited another friend who has also been working in the creative and online space to join and participate - Fiona Cooper, former ABC Radio host, experienced singer, MC and presenter. 

 Cheeky Tunes happens every Friday at 6:30pm (AWST) and 8:30pm (AEST) presented by Fiona Cooper, Claudia J. Rondon (founder of Sweet Cheeks Wear) and Nikki Dagostino (Little Miss Squeezebox).