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The life of an artist: tonight on Cheeky Tunes with Dani, tattoo fairy

Daniela Vasconcellos da Silva is a tattoo artist living in Bondi, Australia. She joins us on Cheeky Tunes tonight to share how she has been managing her life as an artist entrepreneur. 

Register to join via Zoom - Tonight 8:30 Sydney (AEST) / 6:30 Perth (AWST). 

Dani- Tattoo Fairy, as she is known by her clients and friends, is originally from the city of Porto Alegre (South of Brazil) and as she tells "I've already had 14 different careers if you like." Boxing teacher and tattoo artist is where her passion lies. "I also love learning. During the lock down I did multiple courses online to expand my knowledge on topics other than art, such as genetics and global biosecurity."

Winner of 3 boxing competitions, she stopped competing a year ago. "When I saw myself during the lockdown without being able to do my boxing, I turned to art again even more as my safe haven. I painted lots." 

Daniela Vasconcellos started the year celebrating the long process of being granted with a "Distinguished Talent Visa". Another example which comes to show that when one applies themselves to their crafts, hard work combined with real passion can take you places. "I have 24 years in my career. And no matter the ups and downs I have always stuck to it. I am fortunate to say that I have build  credibility amongst my clients and I really love the fact that when I couldn't have clients because of social distancing, I had people paying deposits so I could create artwork for their tattoos in the near future."

For her, decision making is all about listening to yourself and pursuing your dreams. "I have made a tattoo in myself with the word 'resilience' and I can tell you that many people did relate to that from the feedback I've had from my post on social media. I have a vision board and I had this dream of traveling to Bora Bora. This was the first time I actually took a full two weeks holiday. I feel so fortunate to be able to do that before all borders were closed."

Also sharing the virtual stage tonight, Piper Butcher. Join Cheeky Tunes tonight and find out more.
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