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The Discipline journey behind a healthy body - with Giovanna Vansuit Lopes

Ever wondered who the people behind posts are? Today we chat with Giovanna Vansuit Lopes (27yo) who has embraced a few content co-creation actions with Sweet Cheeks Wear team and shares some of the thoughts that actually lead her body to follow through with the discipline that brings the results we watch on Instagram.

If you have seen "Gi Vansuit's" posts (this is her Instagram name), you may have come across workout tips, supplement recommendations, and upbeat vibes. That is not to say that she supports crazy diets - quite the opposite - on Giovanna's bio it is loud and clearly stated in capitals "NO to crazy diets". Behind the fun and pretty looking posts, that's also not to say that there had not been some tough patches in her journey here - including a scary motorbike accident in 2020 which sent Giovanna to stay away from training for a bit and reflect again on life in general. It is not uncommon for us all "online scrollers-by" to wonder what else there is behind our fellow Instagrammers content. So let's hear Gi's story which go beyond the well-sculpted body, healthy smile and Brazilian funk choreography videos. 

Have you always been into fitness?

Not at all. I actually only started training about 4 years ago after I went through a tough break up leaving behind a 5 year relationship. I then started looking after myself, I never looked back and never stopped since. 

For those who understand Portuguese, you have a Rio de Janeiro (carioca) accent. Is this where you are from?  What's your story in Australia?

I was actually born in Sao Paulo and moved to Rio de Janeiro when I was 6 years old. I decided to move to Australia after I finished my Bachelor degree in Business / Commerce to study English and grow through traveling also. There and then I was working as a financial assistant and was not exactly happy with my job. Back in Brazil, I already wanted to study Marketing, but I didn't feel it would be a very easy shift over there. I have been here in Australia for 3 years and here this shift has been possible. I now work as the Social Media Manager for ONEST Health

What are the main personal and / or professional achievements you are most proud of?

I am very proud to having moved to the other side of the world on my own and having so far achieved every goal that I planned for myself at the time for now - both on a personal and professional levels. Many of friends and people within our communities on Instagram know exactly what I am talking about. I take my hat off for them also. 

Who is Gi now and what are you grateful for in the unwanted experiences you have gone through?

I definitely feel like a better person with a lot more maturity and thirst for more knowledge to be able to continue to evolve.

What's been your simple little "feel good strategies" when things felt low amidst the "unforeseen circumstances" this past year 2020?

I know this sounds cliche, but gratitude for the small things. Every time something bad happens I try to focus on the good things I have in life and always be grateful. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that all circumstances serve a purpose to help me in my progress. During quarantine here in Sydney, for example, which has been much shorter than in other places in the world fortunately, I tried to keep up with my exercises and training at home because I know that training and being close to nature are two things that help me feel good. I basically focused on my well-being, quite literally. 

Many people don't understand the "online life" and this year of 2020 has definitely showed us we are all pretty much "online humans" as much as we are all "offline humans" - as a growing influencer what do you think your main responsibility is? 
I started Instagram during the quarantine because I noticed that I could use my spare time to help other people and also to take my mind away from stress a bit. In the beginning I was posting videos of my training sessions at home, I always tried to communicate with good vibes in the stories to motivate people - and in doing so I was actually motivating myself. This exchange has been great and I never stopped ever since.  I do think that entertainment or down time is as important for us all humans as focus time. I think this was very clear as well during the quarantine here. 

And what is your objective with your content creation online? 

I actually do want to grow my Instagram enough to make a full time job out of it. I have always wanted to own my own business and it would be incredible to be able to transform something that I enjoy doing as a hobby into an actual full time business.  I love all things related to communication, art, photography, videos and also acting. It'd be a dream come true to turn this into a business. 

What are the values or the main purpose that you are pursuing now in general that you think your future self will be grateful for too?
My main purpose is to be a good person and abe around people who share similar visions and values so together we can evolve and in doing so encourage and help each other in accomplishing our objectives and dreams.

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