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"I eat well, rest and I do follow a consistent skincare routine"

Voice over professional, singer and radio host, presenter, Mum of two, and independent entrepreneur. No matter how busy, Fiona Cooper, Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour host, is all about the glow inside and out.

Meet Fiona Cooper, Cheeky Tunes, Friday Happy Hour Online host

What do you mostly love about your career?  

The variety, the places and the people, forever changing. The creativity and fun. And sharing stories. Whether it is through voice over, it’s all about people and the story.

How are you finding the current situation of home isolation?

There has been a lot of gold that has come from this situation - connecting with more people through Cheeky Tunes is also one of them. Having the kids home from school has been a new skill to master.  I’ve always been known as little miss sunshine. I do morn on things but I let things go quickly. I love how we can be creative in any  situation. 

As well as your career as a voice over artist, you also perform as a singer. How are you coping with how the arts and entertainment industry has been affected?

“It’s terrible, I feel so sorry for everyone. I have different sources of income like the voice over that I can do from home. Especially how it affects their mental health as well. But hopefully not forever. I actually do feel like we are more connected then ever. I feel like we are all going through the same experience globally. Before people were running their life in isolation.

I can see it has not been easy to many talented professionals to have to literally see all their events cancelled. Which is what happened with our friend Nikki Dagostino, who also hosts Cheeky Tunes with me and plays the accordion and the piano. Once again, though, what I think is that we do adapt. And there have been some willingness from supporters of art who are independently making donations online to the artists that they follow on specific occasions. Fortunately, in my case I have also an online business which I discovered as a customer myself. With life being quite busy, I try to do the basics which is basically eat well, rest and I do follow a consistent skincare routine. It was basically through this brand which has been created by dermatologists, that I found that my plan B, has now become my plan A. And working with online brand has really been providing extra income support to my family."

What's your favourite Sweet Cheeks Wear underwear? 

" I think Connecting the Polka dots from the Feeling Colourful collection are cute. It's a classic print and what it stands for too... Being in the voice over industry for a while and also having had my plan B online business become my Plan A comes to show that we can only connect the dots later. Time is a great teacher."

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