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Kate Garrett performs at the March Dance Festival

Kate Garrett will be performing at (Un)bound which is showing 26th & 27th March at 7pm and 8:30pm as part of March Dance Festival at Brand X in Darlinghurst.
Kate Garrett is the artistic director at Silhouette 9 productions  is participating in this show which is a Bonnie Curtis Projects creation (@bonniecurtisprojects) which is a 6 pieces, each choreographed by a different female choreographers, all members of Bonnie Curtis Projects.
"The piece I am choreographing is called Trigger. I like the phrase 'Music that triggers some kind of response’ by Chemical Brothers⁠. Trigger explores how dancers respond to tasks and restrictions." 

To Kate, she made the choice to disrupt the creative process in this piece in a way that Trigger will focus on the process of creation itself and how that actually determines the final result (and not the opposite).⁠

"The translation to this is that the dancers will be  creating quirky and seemingly random movement as a response to challenges, restrictions, and disruptions. Their choices are determined by dice, written directions chosen at random and the individual’s interpretation trigger this response.", says Kate. 

This piece has been inspired by Merce Cunningham’s use of Chance Dance and Trisha Brown’s use of repetition. "I hope Trigger can be an invitation to the audience to indulge in the senses in general and to let go of the obsession we often have with perfection in the broad sense of the word."

Kate Garrett has been supportive of Sweet Cheeks Wear social media content and as some other Brand Ambassadors has modelled some of our underwear. In this blog we have the opportunity to get to know her and her passion for dance a little bit better.

Q. Who's the Kate now that is grateful for the Kate you have once been?

A. I would describe myself as being confident (most of the time), creative, loving and a sensitive soul at heart. As I’ve gotten older I care less about what others think of me and more about what I think of myself. Doing my best to stay true to my values rather than taking on those of others. I
I am so thankful for all the times I failed. I think it has turned me into a more resilient person. The idea of failing isn’t so bad when you’ve done it lots and realise your world doesn’t end when you do fail. I am grateful for my supportive friends, family and partner who have allowed me to be myself and are always there for me when my world feels like it’s falling apart. I’m very lucky.

Q. What are the values or the main purpose that you are pursuing now in general that you think your future self will be grateful for too?

A. I want to share a positive body image to people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Q. What are the values or the main purpose that you are pursuing now in general that you think your future self will be grateful for too?

I want to share a positive body image to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It makes me sad to think about how much time and energy we spend feeling inadequate with the way we look. Big companies make money off making us feel not good enough, when actually we should be celebrating our differences and doing what makes us happy & healthy.

Q. What's been your simple little "feel good strategies" when things didn't feel as vibrant in 2020, especially in the performing arts?

A. I cry when I need or want to. I ask for hugs and reach out for support, usually from my amazing partner. Sometimes I find it helpful to write things down, so even if it’s still a stress/worry/problem at least it’s not jumping around in my head and I can see it on paper. Oh, and I spend time with my bunnies, because they fill my heart with joy. 

Q. What are the main personal and / or professional achievements you are most proud of?

A. I’m proud that I’ve managed to work within the industry I always wanted to (dance) in many different forms, from performing to admin, and lots of things in between. I used to be so fixed on the fact that I wanted to be a contemporary dancer, and as I’ve grown as a person, I’ve realised there are so many avenues within the dance industry to be part of and they are fulfilling in different ways, so it really is great to be able to do lots of different things.

Q. And what is next in your career? Where from now? 

A. I would love to grown my dance business ‘Silhouette 9 Productions’ and share my love and passion of dance with more people! If you love dance, dance photography or live performance. 

Kate's favourite undies are Arabesque seamless briefs - they are practical for dancing and seamless.