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Meet Lorri Ellen, our talented Cheeky Chica brand ambassador in Perth

Lorri is a Professional Singer and Vocal Coach from Golden Bay, near Perth in Western Australia. She has some a distinctive, powerhouse voice and has some amazing vocal endeavours to credit, such as being an Australian finalist in a National Singing competition. Lorri is currently writing original music and has plans for her debut EP in 2021. 
Lorri has been Sweet Cheeks Wear guest musician on Cheeky Tunes Ep.6 on the 15th of May alongside Steve Biggles, Perth-based musician, artist, comedian.
Aside from her passion in music, Lorri has been working in Children and Family services for 11 years and plans to further her studies. Lorri has a strong passion and advocates personally and professionally for Mental Health, Autism, Unschooling and Domestic Violence. Lorri has also a beautiful story of inner and outer transformation and lost over 50kilos in the last three years.
What's happening in Lorri Ellen's world now? 

"I have been working on reconnecting with my creativity and my spirituality."

What where you doing before you met the Sweet Cheeks Wear and Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy hour crew? 

"As well as a mother I am also an advocate against domestic violence and to raise awareness about autism and inclusion. I put a lot of energy in these causes which I believe are helpful for many other people around the world too."

Where to from now? 

"I'm working on my social channels, connecting with my audience while I work on some recordings and videos of my musical work and reconnecting with old friends in the music industry to perform together again."

What's your personal motivation mantra to keep you on track of your dreams and goals? 

"I like the phrase 'fake it until you make it'. All of us need to find that space to get up and go and sometimes if we work from outside in we can shift our mindset too. It often helps me to put my makeup on, a beautiful scent, straighten my hair and think of something I'm grateful for each day! Nice, comfy and colourful underwear always helps too. Any little thing that reminds of our worth is always helpful."

What's your favourite Sweet Cheeks Wear underwear? 

"I am confident in my body and I love underwear that will make the most of my natural beauty. Comfort for me is also important. I like the Paradise Feels Like collection because it's seamless, higher on the waist and has great prints and a sassy design"

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