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Meet Luisa Martins, our Cheeky Chica Ambassador in the Gold Coast

Luisa Martins is a certified lifeguard whose passion is surf. Originally from Ceará, Brazil living in the Gold Coast, she followed her surf dream all the way to Australia a few years back and could not be happier. She is one of our dear Cheeky Chicas, Sweet Cheeks Wear brand ambassador.


How was your journey to make this big life choice to follow the waves? 
"I've always been passionate about surfing and I did practice loads in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro where I was raised and where I have spent all my life. But it was only here that my surf improved significantly."

What has been the turning point in your surf journey so far? 

"I have competed in Brazil before in my late teens. But while I was in a serious relationship - up to my first year or so in Australia - I ended putting my passion to the side. It took me going through the break up to realise how much I had missed surfing and how much I just wanted to get back into it. And this is what I did. And I couldn't be more grateful. This is where I met most of my new friends and this is how I came across Sweet Cheeks Wear also." 


What where you doing before you met the Sweet Cheeks Wear and Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy hour crew? 

"I was actually working as a lifeguard at a couple of pools near where I live. But when they got closed due to the COVID19 social distancing rules, I then got invited to participate in the Sweet Cheeks Brand Ambassador program and I thought it was a great idea."

What's a recent project you are working on or have worked on that you are proud of? 

"I have assisted a few surf lessons with a group called Salty Sisters and have also participated in a few great shoots with the crew."

Where to from now? 

"I would love to follow a surf career and become a certified surf coach here in Australia to help especially other females to pursue their passion for surf."

What's your personal motivation mantra to keep you on track of your dreams and goals? 
"Don't just follow your wave. Surf it!"

What's your favourite Sweet Cheeks Wear underwear? 

"I love the Colourpop collection. They are cute and colourful and they are great for doing sports because I like the feel of cotton and how they are quite small and comfortable at the same time."

Watch  Luisa Martins' debut on Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour LIVE - includes a rad video of her surfing the Mentawai.

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