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Meet Sofía Bragar, our Cheeky Chica Ambassador in LA

Sofía Bragar (20) is an actor, singer and dancer in the making originally from Chile and living in Los Angeles where she is finishing her 4 year degree in Performing Arts Musical Theatre at AMDA. Sweet and strong she has been living overseas to pursue her creative career. She is one of our dear Cheeky Chicas, Sweet Cheeks Wear brand ambassador.

How was your journey to make this big life choice to study Musical Theatre? 
"I have discovered many passions ever since I started college. I love acting on film even though I don’t have much experience on it yet; I love scriptwriting and songwriting which are things I always wanted to do but was too scared to do. I have found interest on many different things in the industry. 

How did you find your passion? 

"I have always had a passion for acting, singing and dancing but never thought I could do them together until I performed in a city musical in 2017, it was a success and a memory I’ll never forget."

What's happening in Sofía Bragar's world now? 

I am graduating on June 2021 from AMDA if COVID19 situation lets me do it!
I expect to be a working artist in the US after that, doing any of the above! I don’t know where I am going to start yet, but I sure will be ready for it. My career plays a huge part of me, I am truly passioned for it and the reason why I decided to pursue the Performing Arts is because it makes me feel more, live more, experience more and share what I love with others. I can be a big voice one day and promote/share big values to others!"

What where you doing before you met the Sweet Cheeks Wear and Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy hour crew? 

"I've been in Santiago with my family. Before I was in LA where I have participated in several performances at AMDA."

What's a recent project you are working on or have worked on that you are proud of? 

"I participated in a program in NYC during the Summer of 2017 where I majored in Musical Theatre and had the experience to feel what studying musical theatre was like, and I loved it. It was with Oxbridge Programs."

Where to from now? 

"I would love to be a theatre/film/commercial actress, singer & songwriter, model, and director!"

What's your personal motivation mantra to keep you on track of your dreams and goals? 
"My goal is to be happy in life, so I decided to focus on things that make me happier."

What's your favourite Sweet Cheeks Wear underwear? 

"I love the "I am enough collection - Basic Undies" . I identified with it because first of all that is a great reminder. Just being ourselves should be enough - and I find black and white underwear made of cotton very comfortable, practical and versatile. Especially for me when I have to perform, exercise and dance."

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