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Piper Butcher opens Cheeky Tunes Tuesdays LIVE tonight

Piper Butcher belongs to the generation when social media was already around and now as a young musician and composer is sharing her work and talent online. Originally from the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Piper Butcher joins us on Cheeky Tunes Tuesday tonight.

Register to join via Zoom - Tonight 8:30 Sydney (AEST) / 6:30 Perth (AWST). 
Piper Butcher is an accomplished singer, songwriter & amp guitarist and has already inspired other musicians to jump on stage and much like her share their passion for music. She will have a chat to Claudia J. Rondon and Pam Hata about her music and career aspirations on Cheeky Tunes Tuesday Session.
Some say her soulful tones are way beyond her years and her alluring temperament brings back memories of Stevie Nicks, and a fresh pop rock bite of
Kelsea Ballerini. “I’ve been impressed with her ability to hold an audience and deliver a great version of a song while adding her own touch. I believe Piper has
a sure future in Australian music.” Bill Chambers, 
Australian country musician and former member of the Dead Ringer Band.

What draws you to music?
"I have loved music since I could breathe. I was surrounded by my mum and Dad's music, as well as any new songs we could find. I used to go to sleep listening to Lionel Richie, Olivia Newton-John and Tommy Emmanuel. I have always loved John Mayer, Keith Urban and The Eagles."
How did you start composing?
"I attended a few open mic nights from the age of 11, and the hosts always asked me about my own music. I had never considered that pathway, and one night after coming home from a holiday, I wrote my first song."
When people listen to your music, what do you want them to feel?
"I want them to feel every single emotion that I show in my performance, as well as their own connection and interpretation of the song. I don't want to force my opinion on anyone, but still want them to see my emotional attachment."
What other passions make you tick?
"I love soccer. I used to play before my music turned into my professional career. I also love cooking, and I love classic cars and hotrods. We have a couple of cool cars, including a 1963 Impala Chevrolet."
What's your go to food that makes you smile?
"Braised pork belly is always a must, as well as mashed potato or creamy pasta. Oh, and of course anything with chocolate."
What's your advice for anyone who wants to start something creative and don't know why?
"Always go with your gut instinct. Also, take all the advice you get politely. Think about it from your perspective, as well as their perspective. And, never stop having fun with what you are doing."

Which one of the Sweet Cheeks Wear undies are your favourite and why?

I cannot choose between Cherrylicious and Connecting the polka dots. Love both of the patterns and they look so comfy."

Piper graduated from the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music at
Tamworth, which gave her the opportunity to further broaden her
horizons, whilst collaborating with other artists. Piper was a finalist in
the Bluesfest Busking Competition which led to a spot performing at
Bluesfest. More recently Piper has supported acts such as Diesel,
Glenn Shorrock, Karise Eden, The Black Sorrows, The Badloves,
Thirsty Merc, Blake O’Connor, Col Finley, Will Day & Tori Forsyth,
which has paved her music pathway.
Sharing the virtual stage with Piper is Keanu Jai and his freshly released single "Stuck on you".
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