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"Time to be Human" - Deon Powter performs EP on Cheeky Tunes 7

Deon is a thoughtful singer songwriter and an experienced and explosive performer. He has been performing professionally for over 30yrs. This Friday on Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour we will listen Deon Powter's solo EP Time to be human. 

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Sharing the "stage and the screen" with presenter Fiona Cooper, resident artist Nikki Dagostino - connecting from Leederville Perth - and Claudia Rondon, Deon will perform his original work - a result of 30 years in the music industry in Australia. 

We agree with Deon that making music has a significant role in creating a culture. "I'd like to see us in Australia connecting with music as much as we connect with sports", Deon Powter.

In dialogue with Deon's insightful lyrics, Sofija Vacrar, mindset soul yoga podcaster at Niso Fitness & Nutrition joins us on Cheeky Tunes this Friday - which is supported by Peahi Label and Global Wines 

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