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TONIGHT: Ellie Gee shares her original work on Cheeky Tunes

Ellie Gee had a had with us backstage and this is what she told us... 
Register to join via Zoom - Tonight 8:30 Sydney (AEST) / 6:30 Perth (AWST). 
How did you get into music? 
I started to show interest in music from a young age, both of my parents play instruments and I have studied piano, guitar and vocals since I was about 5.
I continued to study music throughout highschool and then completed a Diploma of Contemporary Music Specialising in Vocals. I have been writing my own music since I was about 15. 

What was the most rewarding and most challenging times in your music career so far? 
Most rewarding is connecting with others through music either by playing with others or performing to others. I also find the songwriting and recording process both challenging and rewarding. I am proud of my 2 original releases; EP "Songs From An Electric Heart" and full length album "Dirty & Sweet" (2016). I also find performing live very rewarding and recently performed at one of the only live music festivals that has gone ahead during Covid times : The Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Fest which was super fun!
What's life behind the scene like?
As well as being a singer~songwriter I am a Mum to 2 beautiful boys. I am also a Music Teacher for primary school students. I enjoy cooking and have a passion for Vintage fashion and have a huge collection of vintage clothes and accessories. 
How've you been managing in general/ music wise this year? 
I have actually made the most of the lock down situation by doing a series of live stream music shows which really helped people to connect during isolation and get some musical relief. I have also used this time to do some songwriting and recording for my new album due for release early next year. I have also been playing live whenever I can as a few venues are still having live music. 
Where do you want to take your music from here?
I want to keep on writing and recording my own original music, as mentioned earlier I have a new album due for release early next year. I hope to gain some more recognition for my original music and would like to tour around Australia and internationally. I would also love to play more festival gigs. I am also always keen to do collaborations with other musicians and find this is wonderful for my growth as a music and person in general. 
You work in fashion also. What's your opinion on feminism and where feminism in fashion is at these days?
I don't really follow any fashion trends in particular but love to use fashion to express who I am as a woman. I feel this freedom should be afforded to everyone and especially for women to express who they are, and show their strengths without fear of being put down or judged for what they wear. 
Ellie's favourite on Sweet Cheeks Wear? 
I like the bright patterns and colours that are available to express your character. I also like that the undies are made from cotton which is a nice material to me for comfort. 
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