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TONIGHT - Lucy Korts and JD Powter perform originals on Cheeky Tunes

Lucy Korts in an upcoming solo artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. She focuses on pop, folk and alternative musical styles. She will share Cheeky Tunes stage with JD Powter a seasoned song writer who will take us on his creative song writing journey.
From small beginnings Lucy’s unique and distinctive vocal style has taken her from singing in the bedroom to the festival stages of Australia. During 2017 Lucy shared the stage for the Carnival of Flowers with the likes of Alex Lahey, The Paper Kites & The Temper Trap. Since gaining recognition through her performance she has been playing to the crowds of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay & all the way back to Toowoomba. After matching forces with Woodfordia for The Festival of Small Halls Australia; The upcoming artist continues to touch the hearts of her audience through her vulnerable and emotive performance. 
After the successful release of her latest single ‘Not Your Type’, Korts  gained recognition through national radio stations including Hit 105, Triple J Unearthed, 4ZZZ & other lead broadcasting networks.
With all focus currently set on creating her first debut album, Lucy’s dedication to honing her songwriting craft will see her continuing to break down boundaries through her stirring performance. Korts will continue to set the tone for shooting soft and equally as strong releases into the eyes (and ears) of Australia’s music scene.
The world is our stage - Sharing the stage with Lucy Korts is JD Powter, singer and songwriter also from Queensland.  JD Powter (Or Jamie Powter) also discovered his love for music very soon in his life. "I spent all my life singing and writing songs and fell in love with music from the moment I could listen. It’s been a huge part of my life and my songwriting is a cathartic process that has help me to be resilient and honest. Song writing uncovers a lot about how I feel and how I see the world and more often than not I don’t understand the context of my music until after I hear it back and only then does it become clear."
During our chat tonight, JD Powter will be sharing his process which involves creating a meditative state that allows his subconscious to interact with my music.
JD Powter tells he has a large catalogue of songs, and really want to give wings to his art. "My joy is in the process of making the music and for that I am very grateful."
His music quest through life has let him to travel a couple of years ago to Patmos, a small island in Greece for a writing workshop With Patty Griffin, Sean Colvin and Judy Collins. "The trip to Greece has been an important part of my creative journey as I move through my 40s.", tells JD Powter who has a young family and a business - music to him remains a cool function of who he is, "and it represents a lot of my passion." 
COVID19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption for many and most. But, for some as well, it brought many of us and our families together. This is no different for JD Powter who has lately been playing a lot with his brother,  Deon Powter (who has also participated in Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour before). "We've been performing a lot of private party gigs in people’s private homes in response to the Covid19 pandemic", says Powter. 
As restrictions ease off, both brothers plan to do some more recording and more private performances. "I really enjoy the intimate setting being able to tell a story with the music that we have to share."
Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy hour is hosted by Fiona Cooper (former ABC presenter who also has an online business) and produced by Claudia Rondon. Nikki Dagostino (Little Miss Squeezebox) - who makes surprise appearances - on the accordion and piano is our resident musician. Every week we bring new artists from Australia and across the world to perform covers and original tunes. We also have guest speakers and our Cheeky Chica brand ambassadors who make an appearance too. 
Let's have some fun listening to some live music and connecting with peeps. Chicks and dudes welcome! 

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