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Tonight: Rainbow riders perform on Cheeky Tunes

Shelly Fitzpatrick and Lucas Trevisan join us tonight on Cheeky Tunes Tuesday to perform their latest single "Today" recorded during isolation. The young duo will also perform a couple of Brazilian music covers. "Because of my Brazilian background I enjoy sharing Brazilian people with people around my age as some times they are not so acquainted with it." says, Lucas Trevisan.

Register to join via Zoom - Tonight 8:30 Sydney (AEST) / 6:30 Perth (AWST). 

Rainbow riders


Rainbow Riders is the project of Shelly Fitzpatrick (Tuppaware Party) and multi-instrumentalist Lux Trevis. They came together through a mutual pursuit to raise people's vibration through art and inspire positive life-style choices. A quest of freedom, love and compassion are present throughout the music, backed up by the dreamiest, synthy, sun-soaked surf rock sound. Dive into this magical psychedelia and join us in the rainbow barrels of freedom. As described in the Australian music media, Rainbow Riders is "Sydney’s latest fusion of atmospheric surf-rock, you’ll be foaming at the lip with their buoyant good-vibes and romance". 

"Today", debut single release late May (recorded and released in isolation) is a song “intended to be listened to in the morning to put you in a good mood for your day”, Shelley Fitzpatrick says. 

“Must've fallen asleep on a magic carpet cos this feels like a dreamy flight.” Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J)

“A delightful intersection of surf-pop and psych” Jaimee Taylor-Nielson (FBi Radio)

“This is the first song being added straight to any future road-trip playlists I make.” Abby Butler (Triple J)

“Fitzpatrick’s breathy vocals break the surface with a classic surf-string twang intro. Feather-light and girlish, her airy soundscape is bright and soaked in sun.” - Happy Mag https://happymag.tv/today-is-the-perfect-day-for-rainbow-riders-to-release-their-debut-single/

Connect with Rainbow Riders:

Juliana Owen career coach from New Mind Consulting is the guest speaker who will be sharing the virtual stage with Rainbow Riders.

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