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Unhitch, new album by Cadie Calhoun on Cheeky Tunes Friday

Why listen to the same old tunes if we have a plethora of fun original music out there? Exuberance and personality y'all - let's celebrate that with Cadie Calhoun joining us from Sumrall, Mississippi on Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour to "shake it up" and make space for the new.

Register on Zoom and participate LIVE Friday 29/05, 08:30pm AEST.

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Unhitch is Cadie Calhoun healing strategy 
All break ups suck. But it is true - with time at least - a break up can become a break through. As Cadie Calhoun describes it "the backdrop of this album is based on the patchwork quilt of men that have rotated through her world in the last 4 years. Cadie’s breakthrough album will save your checkbook from a psychiatric session (or two) with the lyrics of her breakups & heartaches"

And to welcome Cadie Calhoun to her new Australian mates, Mike Nayar dials in from Perth WA together with the rest of the crew, Fiona Cooper (host), Nikki Dagostino (Little Miss Squeezebox - Cheeky Tunes resident artist) and Claudia Rondon (Producer, Sweet Cheeks Wear founder) 

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Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour is an independent initiative that supports live music, mental health and small business and it started late March after social distancing restrictions started in Australia due to the Covid19 pandemic. Cheeky Tunes Friday Happy Hour Ep. 8 is supported by Sugar Mama Cakes - small business owned by the pastry chef Marcela Falcão.   

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