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Unleash your inner goddess with Sandrinha Barbosa, SandDance

We know, there is a lot of talk out there about unleashing the power from within. Some of us love that. Others, don't really feel like buying into it. 

If you are in Perth and you are reading this, Sweet Cheeks Wear has already supported a few virtual events - one of which by White Ribbon with Fiona Cooper and her Skin care club in Perth. Now, we are supporting another event in Perth focused on dance and creative expression by the choreographer and dancer, Sandrinha Barbosa. "This has been part of my mission as a professional female in the arts. It brings joy to my heart to share my knowledge with other women out there", says Sandrinha Barbosa. 

Find out more about the event on Event Brite.

*Please note this lucky draw will take place in Perth and is only valid for attendees of the workshop.

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